Sunday, 22 November 2015

10K Subscriber Giveaway!!

I cannot believe I have over 10K subscribers on YouTube! I wanted to give something back to you, so here it is!

Here's a photo of the prizes that I have for you :D It's perfect for those wanting to get into bead weaving as it's full of beady delights.

Many thanks to The Bead Shop Nottingham for generously donating some prizes towards this giveaway!

  • The ONLY requirement to enter is that you are subscribed to my channel. The other things are just delightful extras that will earn you extra entries.
  • If you are under 18, please make sure you have your parents' permission as I will need your address to send you the prizes.

  • This giveaway IS INTERNATIONAL! If you have an address, I will send you your prize :)

Well what are you waiting for?? Get entering!

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Brick Stitch Dolphin Pattern

I was asked way back in January to make a dolphin charm using brick stitch bead weaving techniques. I  made the charm way back then and even posted a photo in Instagram, promising to make a tutorial "soon". Clearly to me, "soon", means 10 months later (or 44 weeks, according to Instagram.)

I know, I know... I'm clearly the worst kind of person. It's not my fault. I receive quite a few video requests, and I like to keep everyone happy. Also I don't want to just be a bead weaving channel, so I try to mix it up where I can. That is just an excuse... I just forgot to make the tutorial :D But hey, I'm only human

Enough waffling around... Here is the pattern:

As always, I used size 11 delica beads by the Japanese brand Miyuki. I also used beading thread by the company Nymo and a size 10 beading needle.

All items were purchased from http;// who were generous enough to give me a 10% discount code on full-items on orders over £5! It's valid until 31st Dec 2015 and the company do ship internationally! Just type TCOC10 in the promo code box at the checkout :D

Monday, 2 November 2015

Brick Stitch Patterns to Older Videos

So back in early 2015, I went on a bit of a brick stitch rampage. I discovered how to make my own patterns,  but I couldn't save any of them. I made videos for these patterns, and one of my lovely followers on Instagram shared with me a beading program in which I could save the patterns I make! ANYWAY I thought it high time to trawl back though my past videos, and make patterns for the tutorials I hadn't done.

All of these tutorials can be found in my bead weaving playlist: click here to view the playlist
Brick stitch bow

Hello Kitty