Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sugar Skull Brick Stitch Pattern

Hello! So I was asked to do a tutorial for my sugar skull brick stitch pendant which has been floating around Etsy for a while now. I put off making the video because it takes so long to make the pendant, I didn't know how I'd be able to cut the tutorial down! It's still a 30 minutes video, but worth it :D

The colours I used are:
DB010 - Opaque Black
DB200 - Opaque White
DB568 - Opaque Turquoise
DB-651 - Opaque Squash
DB-660 - Opaque Dark Orchid
DB-2115 - Opaque Guava

I also used Nymo beading thread in black and a size 10 beading needle.


  1. Thank you Hannah!! I love the Sugar Skulls and the Minions! Jeanne

  2. Hi Hannah, I love all of your bead weaving tutorials, but I was just wondering what software you use to design the patterns?